About Us

Camp Boundless is a passion project from co-founders Eva Niewiadomski (owner of Catalyst Ranch) and Mary Jo Ernst (owner of MJ Ernst Couture). They both feel strongly that the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves - something that doesn't require dieting, exercise or super human acts of self-restraint - is to turn off our phones, be unreachable for a few hours, learn something new, play and laugh.


Remember when you were a kid and a discarded refrigerator box could provide countless hours of imaginary play? Where you got so engrossed in your projects that you forgot about television, dinner and bedtime? 

That's the type of experience that we're trying provide to all our Campers. Try something new, get engrossed, maybe find a new passion or hobby (or maybe not) but come out refreshed, energized and ready to conquer real life.


We host an Annual All-Day Urban Camp and various Pop-Up Events throughout the year. The activities may change, but the basic premise is the same - turn off your phone, unplug from everyday responsibilities, try your hand at something new, have real conversations, make new friends, play and have fun. No judgments, no comparisons, no stress.


Science shows that playing is good for us - throughout our entire lives. So, the next time someone gives you a hard time about playing or goofing off - just answer:



And then just proceed to have FUN!

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