One of the best part of All-Day Urban Camp is that you get to try not one, not two, but THREE different activities! Check out some of the options you'll have to choose from. All Play Sessions are led by seasoned instructors with a vast array of experiences and backgrounds. Not only do you get all the instructions and guidance you need, but we make sure that all the supplies are ready for you to dive right in. What's going to turn into your next hobby?

Here's what we did at Camp in 2019

Come and learn some Irish Step Dancing with a little twist! We will explore how traditional dancing can be performed to today’s top hits and provide you with a workout that will make you want to skip leg day at the gym!


Join a beloved and inspiring teaching artist from the Old Town School of Folk Music for a vibrant and energizing song session. We’ll sing tunes that get us smiling, thinking and maybe even crying (in a good way!). Bring your voice to the circle and experience the joy of singing with others, free from judgment and aimed at growth.


Love the dance moves you see in Bollywood films? Here's your chance to learn the basic moves but with a twist. It's Bollywood line dancing meets hip-hop meets contemporary dance! All the movements can be done by anyone - no experience or special athletic ability necessary. You'll be amazed by the dance moves you'll learn that you can incorporate the next time you go out dancing - and amaze everyone on the dance floor.


Try your hand at block printing using a cornucopia (literally!) of vegetables! Use nature’s natural patterns or carve your own design into a potato to make your own stamps. After discovering what shapes and textures you can create, design your own canvas tote bag to take home!


Introduction to basic henna design patterns. Hands-on demonstration and application of Arabic henna designs, mandala henna designs and traditional Indian henna designs.


Exercise your psychic skills and learn to see the energy in and surrounding your body and aura. Using body movement, meditation and picture making, explore the energy in your space - clairvoyantly. Identify that which you are ready to Move Out and validate that which you are ready to manifest into being. Leave the session feeling energized and with a deeper clarity of your psychic super powers. Then, watch for the magic that happens in your life...


Bunraku Puppetry is a form of Japanese puppetry that dates back to the 16th century. It requires 3 people to operate the puppet and make it come to life. We'll be making our own puppets using newspaper, masking tape and string (a quick form of mocking up a puppet) so that we can then learn how to make it breathe, stand up and walk. All without talking to each other. It's a magical feeling to make an inanimate object become real in a matter of a few well-coordinated movements.


Tackle your first embroidery project on a miniature scale! We'll start with some basic embroidery stitches and then have you select a small design to embroider onto a textile of your choice. Then the fun begins - inserting your embroidery into a mini embroidery hoop that attaching it to a chain.


In this activity we will be making greeting cards that pop up and come to life. These handmade cards can be for any occasion you wish (like birthdays, friendship, announcements or we have an opportunity to make cards to send to the military troops overseas)


Get an introduction to the wonderful world of fountain pens and ink. We will turn the clock back and rediscover drawing with fountain pens. We will learn the fountain pen anatomy, types of ink and how use them in sketching. We will make ink washes and paint with them. We will talk about our favorite papers and demo our setups. We will use water-soluble inks and create loose, expressive sketches and drawings.


Dive into the world of bookbinding with this walkthrough of three simple DIY book projects! Bookbinding is a great way to recycle materials and flex your creativity with different art supplies while creating your own customized notebooks and sketchbooks!


Unleash your inner star! Participants become actors as we explore the rhythm and rhyme of Shakespeare’s language though fun ensemble building exercises, improvisation, and theatre games such as “Shakespeare or Hip-Hop?” Don’t worry, this isn’t your high school English class, and no experience is needed to jump onstage in this theatre workshop!


Have you ever played a role-playing game before? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have superpowers? If you were a superhero, would you wear a mask? Come explore the answers to these questions in this brief preview of a new role playing game system designed to bring out the superhero in you.


Learn the basics of a craft that will open possibilities of making unique clothes, home accessories, and gifts. Knitting can be done anywhere, gives a the feeling of accomplishment, and is a great form of meditation. You'll walk out with your very own coaster set!


Have you ever wanted to try your hand at calligraphy, but didn’t know where to start? Look no further! Learn the basics of dip-pen calligraphy- starting with how to assemble your dip pen to creating the basic strokes! After learning the essentials, you’ll be able to explore various calligraphy styles!


Sneaky Art is the practice of drawing beauty from your immediate environment - without drawing attention. Learn to explore your artistic creativity and curiosity in the short periods of free time we find in adult life in between chores.


Let's look to the world around us for creative inspiration that will take us far and wide. This generative, participant-centered workshop is geared to be supportive to individuals with any and all (or no) range of writing experience and interest in any genre.


So. You’re not an artist. You have two left hands. You can’t draw, paint, or even take good photos. Also, you have no materials! And you don’t know how anything “should” look. But guess what. YOU CAN STILL MAKE A BEAUTIFUL COLLAGE. Sit down among our stacks of magazines and images we've collected from various sources and we'll guide you to creating your very own piece of artwork.


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