Game Night!

September 12, 2019

6:30pm - 9:00pm

at Catalyst Ranch

Join us for a fun-filled night of tabletop games of all kinds.

Experienced game leaders will provide guidance and explain rules for games you've always wanted to try. This night is specifically geared to first timers!

Grab a seat at a table with a game that intrigues you and the Game Leader will lead the way into an evening of adventure and exploration.

Pizza, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are included of course! But BYOB if you'd like.


includes pizza and beverages

Choose the games you're curious about.

We're bringing some of the most playable, interesting, and engaging games around; games you've always wanted to try. Revolutionary strategy games from all different eras. The hot new tabletop favorites. 

Choose a few from our list below; more than two, fewer than eight. We'll make our Game Night out of your choices!*

*Don't worry if you don't know the rules; we'll teach 'em to you right then and there.

Settlers of Catan

Catan!  The masterpiece that started the current board gaming revolution. Gain resources from the lands around your settlements; trade with your rival Settlers; manage your resources; think on your feet; turn four bricks into a sheep and become Lord of Catan!

3-5 players/table


Behind Catan comes possibly the second most influential game of this gaming revolution: Carcassonne. Watch the pastoral landscape of medieval France unfold; assemble cities, roads, fields and cloisters; populate them with your meeples (that's really what they're called!) and claim victory in this elegant, simple, beautiful game.

2-5 players/table

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Feel the excitement and suspense build in a game that unfolds differently every time you play. No two games of Betrayal are the same! An investigative trip into a haunted mansion goes south (big surprise), and the players must defeat the horror before it’s too late!

3-6 players/table


If you've never played, you owe it to yourself to try it–especially on this 1950's board with custom-made detective notecards. Roam the halls and sleuth out who killed Mr. Boddy–and where, and with what. Only one table available with this classic board!

3-6 players


A simple premise and surprisingly open-ended gameplay make this word game a huge social hit. Suss out the identity of the opposing team's agents by deciphering the clues within the everyday words on the board. Addictive fun, and great for larger groups!

8-16 players/table


Can you think on your feet and interview for a job as the President or a Professional Cuddler with four ridiculous qualifications?

In Funemployed each player is handed four random Qualification Cards to "build their resume." One by one, each player interviews using all four cards and has to talk their way into winning the job. Great to play in small groups, but also hilarious as a team game: any number can play!

Any number of players

Dungeons & Dragons

The role-playing game that started it all. Come play and have your own adventure unfold in your mind's eye, with you and your fellow players at the heart of the action. It's unlike any other game experience you've had before. Rules taught, never fear; be brave. Come try it.

5-7 players/table

Ticket to Ride

An incredibly popular game; elegantly simple gameplay, easily learned in under 15 minutes, intense strategic and tactical decisions at every turn. Players collect cards of various types of train cars they then use to claim railway routes in North America. A definite "gateway game" for people who want to get into the fun!

2-5 players/table

Pirate's Cove

Your objective: to battle for plunder and become the most fearsome and famed pirate the world has ever known. Navigate shrewdly, fight recklessly and pillage mercilessly. Gain fame by winning battles, burying gold and treasure, and bragging about your exploits at the tavern.

Warning: it's a really good possibility that by your second turn you will be talking like a pirate. Arrr!

3-5 players/table

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