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A good hobby is key to increased creativity, productivity, memory and focus

This article from Entrepreneur Magazine is relevant for all us, whether or not we are entrepreneurs or aspire to be ones.

Why should we all take up a hobby?


Non-work activities can help us look at familiar things in a new way


Getting engrossed in a hobby will let you enter the Flow State restores your mind and energy

HOBBIES HELP IMPROVE PERFORMANCE Creative pursuits can help you become a better problem-solver, improve cognition and mental performance


Hobbies are mood boosters

A personal anecdote validating some of the insights in this article that led me onto my path of entrepreneurship

I had never in my life had aspirations to run my own business. I had always assumed that I would work for a large corporation. I am not sure why. I was deep into my 18th year of working in a corporate job when my company went through a merger. The year that followed was incredibly stressful with many late nights and tears shed. Every few months there was a reorganization and the only positions which were eliminated were those of my co-workers from our side of the merger. It definitely felt more like a takeover than a merger.

I knew my days were numbered as the people working on the innovation side were being carved off slowly but surely. We just didn't fit the typical model employee profile and we didn't want to. We thought differently and boldly. But work as hard as we did during that year and under the uncertainty and negative performance reviews and even the most optimistic and boldly thinking will start to falter. That was exactly my mental state when I made the best decision ever - to pursue my personal hobby of travel and take a trip to Brazil!

Ten glorious days immersed in a new culture, environment, trying all the different cuisines and not thinking about work at all shifted my perspective once I was back in Chicago. Suddenly I could see new possibilities that hadn't been apparent before. A week later I lost my job in the most recent reorg. But instead of finding a new corporate position, I decided to launch Catalyst Ranch, a creative meeting venue. And an entrepreneur was born!

Who knows where your hobbies could lead you?

Read the full article to get a more in-depth perspective on why you should take up a hobby.

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